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In this post, learn how to figure out, via the Multivariate module, which of these styles (for example) the users of your site would respond to better:


Go A/B testing!!


One thing about Drupal that may annoy content editors, who do not have very many permissions, is that they can edit the inside content (Body) of pages that they manage, but they cannot create and edit blocks without the full 'Administer blocks' permission.

Here's the setup I have used (in many variations) to give page editors access to creating and editing blocks on a page.


BD Image Map Example

The jQuery Map Hilight module is a javascript wrapper module which uses the jquery map hilight plugin and provides an easy-to-use Drupal admin interface to control highlighting functionality on your page's html image maps.

Let's go through an example to create this following interactive image map.

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In this post, we'll use HTML5's video tag to implement a video header.  A triple video header, in fact.  Aaaaand, we'll make it responsive, so the number of videos shown automatically dwindles as the width/screen size on the viewing device decreases.

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We've all been there with the character limit needs of new Drupal fields: you're creating a new content type, and based on the design, you really want to limit a field or two to a certain number of characters.  You can, of course, trim the output on the display or via views, but sometimes you don't want to just trim or cut off the field - you want the author to ensure it makes sense within that character limit by enforcing it on the input end rather than just cutting it off during display!

Enter the Maxlength contrib module.  Its implementation uses javascript and it integrates directly with the fields UI on your content types.

It is exceedingly easy to use!


Today I want to introduce you to the Collapse Text module.  It's such a life-saver for those long, long text-heavy pages, in which it may be difficult to guide the user through the sections that are most important to them.

The Collapse Text module allows you to create collapsible/expandable sections in your Drupal pages directly from the editing interface (though it doesn't work that well with CKEditor - more on that later) through the use of special tags to delineate the beginning and end of the text section you want to make collapsible.

Read on to get a tour of this cool module!


I’ve been using Drupal, an open source content management system (CMS), for the websites I manage for over four years now. Though there may be some quirks in working with an open source product, I cannot imagine doing it any other way.

Hesitations people may have when considering whether to use an open source product probably include the fact that you can’t just submit a helpdesk ticket when you run into a problem and expect a response within two business days. Most of the time, no single company or entity exists behind an open source project, like with a proprietary system. Instead open source has communities.


All of us who have been working with Drupal for a while have run into this issue: you want to disable a module that you are no longer using, but it's grayed-out on the 'Modules' tab, and so you aren't able to disable and uninstall it.

It says Required by: Drupal (Fields pending deletion)

Required by: Drupal (Fields pending deletion)

Well, you know what this means, so you go to the fields list screen at /admin/reports/fields


Want to have access to a large array of cool, creative fonts via the UI, which you can apply to a variety of CSS styles across your site?  Yes, you say?  Here's a step-by-step guide to using the wonderful @font-your-face module.

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BD Contact Add Message Drupal 8 pageFor my first Drupal 8 module, I'm going to create a custom 'Contact me' form.  Not that it makes much sense considering that there is already a site-wide contact form shipping with Drupal core, but it's just to see how I can accomplish that in Drupal 8.  Learning by doing is the way to go here, so download the latest version of Drupal 8 and play along!