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Boriana Ditcheva

Drupal web developer & architect
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I’m a Drupal web developer & architect living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I’ve been working with Drupal since 2009, and have been programming in general for a while more than that.  I build, manage, maintain and enhance websites and custom online applications running on Drupal.  I am creative and energetic, and really love what I do.  I'm active on and on Stackexchange's Drupal Answers site.

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This is my personal Drupal blog, and I use this site to experiment with new modules, theming and various designs, so don't be alarmed if the look changes frequently or drastically - that's just me having fun.  :-)

I love connecting with readers and colleagues in this field, so connect with me on Twitter @bditcheva and LinkedIn!

If you have requests on what you'd like for me to blog about, feel free to contact me, or just leave a comment (I love comments)!  If you want to get any new blog posts straight to your mailbox, just subscribe.

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p.s.  Some of the images I'm using in my current site's design are from user 2happy on!  Giving credit where credit is due!